There are 13 event(s) recorded for ERIC MYERS

Year Event Category Role Placement Points
2000BOOGIE BY THE BAYClassicLeader56
2000GRAND NATIONALSClassicLeader102
2000CAPITAL SWINGStrictly SwingLeader141
1999US OPENShowcaseLeader101
1999GRAND NATIONALSShowcaseLeader90
1999GRAND NATIONALSStrictly SwingLeader62
1998US OPENClassicLeader90
1998SOS GRAND NATIONALSStrictly SwingLeader101
1997US OPENStrictly SwingLeader53
1997BOOGIE BY THE BAYStrictly SwingLeader62
1997CHICAGO CLASSICClassicLeader47
1997CAPITAL SWINGClassicLeader47
1996US OPENClassicLeader65


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