There are 11 event(s) recorded for MAXIME ZZAOUI

Year Event Category Role Placement Points
2017BOOGIE BY THE BAYStrictly SwingLeader31
2017BOOGIE BY THE BAYPro Jack & JillLeader13
2016U.S. OPENStrictly SwingLeader31
2016LIBERTY SWINGStrictly SwingLeader31
2015U.S. OPENStrictly SwingLeader22
2015LIBERTY SWINGPro Jack & JillLeader13
2014SWING DIEGOStrictly SwingLeader31
2013US OPENClassicLeader92
2013SWING DIEGOClassicLeader65
2013SWING DIEGOStrictly SwingLeader31
2012US OPENClassicLeader56


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