NASDE Scoring

The documents below detail the NASDE scoring system

Wayne Bott - Panel Review - Result Sheet

Wayne Bott Referee Rules Checklist - Classic Division

Wayne Bott Referee Rules Checklist - Showcase Division

NASDE Referee System (effective January 1, 2017)

Judging Criteria Classic & Showcase Divisions

Swing Violation Criteria — Classic Division

Swing Content is the responsibility of each judge, NOT the REFEREE Judge. Any violations or warning regarding Swing Content is reflected in the individual judge’s score or so noted on their individual score sheets. A "SVW" (Swing Violation Warning) indicates no drop in score and"SV" (Swing Violation) indicates the judge dropped their placement 1, 2 or 3 places for Swing Content within their individual score. Judges are to use the following criteria when giving a “SV” (Swing Violation):

SV-1 Approx. 60% Swing Content -- Drops 1 placement
SV-2 Approx. 50% Swing Content -- Drops 2 placements
SV-3 Less than 50% Swing Content — Drops Out of the Money

Final score sheets that get posted should show the above values.

Competitor A 3rd placement SV-1