NASDE Points Awards and Prizes

Effective May 2018

Individual points are obtained by placing in NASDE Classic and Showcase.


Points will be awarded to each male and female competitor in each division as follows: 1st place/10 points; 2nd/9; 3rd/8; 4th/7; 5th/6.

If a competitor competes in both the Classic and Showcase divisions at the same event, and he/she places in both divisions, that competitor will receive the higher number of points earned at the event.

The annual prize fund is to be paid from the dues paid by each member event for that Tour year. At the end of the annual Tour, the annual prize fund will be distributed to the top male and female point earners. The total prize fund distributed will be the total of $1,545, times the number of events in that Tour year.

In the event of a tie, the prize money for the placements involved will be added together and divided equally. Awards will be presented at the last event on the Tour for the
calendar year.