NASDE Points Awards and Prizes

Effective January 2013

Individual points are obtained by placing in NASDE Classic, Showcase, Strictly Swing and Jack & Jill categories. Competitors are eligible to participate in any and all categories, per event, as the individual event rules allow. For 2013, competitors can earn points for Classic OR Showcase, Champion SS, AND, Champion J&J.

Points are awarded to each leader and follower competitor placing in a category as follows:


STRICTLY SWING (3 Placements)

The $25,200 prize fund is distributed, based on total points awarded at the end of the tour, to leader and follower competitors placing as follows:

Distribution TBA

In the event of a tie, the prize money for the placements involved will be added together and divided equally.

Member events must offer Classic and Showcase categories with Strictly Swing category optional, and pay a minimum prize fund of $1000 per category at their event.

Jack &Jills