There are 14 event(s) recorded for DEBORAH SZEKELY

Year Event Category Role Placement Points
2000US OPENShowcaseFollow110
2000BOOGIE BY THE BAYShowcaseFollow110
2000BOOGIE BY THE BAYStrictly SwingFollow10
2000CHICAGO CLASSICSuperstarFollow110
2000CHICAGO CLASSICStrictly SwingFollow30
2000DALLAS D.A.N.C.E.ShowcaseFollow110
2000DALLAS D.A.N.C.E.Strictly SwingFollow80
2000SWING FLINGShowcaseFollow110
2000SWING FLINGStrictly SwingFollow30
2000GRAND NATIONALSShowcaseFollow110
2000GRAND NATIONALSStrictly SwingFollow100
2000SEATTLES EASTER SWINGShowcaseFollow110
2000CAPITAL SWINGShowcaseFollow110
2000CAPITAL SWINGStrictly SwingFollow30


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